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Late Evening ‘Comedy’: Colbert, CNN Doc Agree Trump ‘Deliberate’ to Let ‘Hundreds of thousands’ Die


CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on The Late Present Tuesday to trash the Trump administration’s dealing with of the coronavirus pandemic, with lower than every week till the election. Gupta even agreed with Stephen Colbert that the president’s “plan” was to let thousands and thousands of People die from the virus.

After mocking the Trump administration itemizing their dealing with of the virus as an accomplishment, Gupta introduced his CNN worry mongering to the late evening “comedy” present. He predicted our dying numbers might double within the subsequent few months earlier than slamming the Trump administration for “inviting in” the virus:

You simply heard the projections, 150,000, 200,000 extra folks might die inside the subsequent few months. So we’re nowhere close to that. The issues that is irritating, I believe, Stephen is that there is been the sense that we give up, you understand, this complete waving the white flag, and I believe it’s– it is even worse than that within the sense we did not even simply give up. We sort of opened the door for the virus and stated, ‘Come on in.’ It was this herd immunity thought. Simply let folks get contaminated.

Colbert then claimed this appears to have been the President’s plan from the start…to let thousands and thousands of People die, which Gupta agreed with:



COLBERT: And that appears to have actually been the plan from the start. you understand, as a lot as Fauci got here out and stated he suggested the president very early on when the president stated ‘simply let it wash over the nation, what occurs if we do this?’ Fauci stated ‘you’d have thousands and thousands of lifeless folks. That is why you’ll be able to’t do this.’ However evidently that basically is the plan. 

GUPTA:  I imply, it is actually what the insurance policies have led to on this nation…

Gupta additionally confirmed Colbert’s assumption that the USA was dealing with the virus worse than some other nation on the planet. Gupta touted the “fascinating” study out of Columbia College that claimed the U.S. might’ve had the identical low dying charge as South Korea’s if we enacted the identical measures they did, which is a preposterous hypothetical. Does South Korea share the identical obesity rate and co-morbidities as the USA does? Gupta additionally ignored how Europe has surged past the U.S. in COVID cases this week. That’s not a actuality that CNN will come clean with as a result of it contradicts their narrative that is all Trump’s fault.

However Gupta shows his liberal partisanship on the community commonly, spreading conspiracy theories and debunked stories while propping up Democrat governors and protecting up their errors in dealing with the pandemic.

Comcast sponsored this deceptive anti-Trump section on The Late Present. You possibly can contact them on the Conservatives Combat Again web page right here.


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